Feb 10, 2014


I know I haven't blogged in ages and meanwhile, I went to Ankara, came back and all that. I will come to Ankara post later on when I feel like typing (too honest? haha) 
So this post brings out  the history-loving self in me. I went to Ephesus and visited Virgin Mary's House in Selcuk few days ago, and it was such an amazing experience. 
Also the day before this amazing trip, mom took me and my brother out to this place for breakfast, which was apperantly our relatives- (my mood being--why didn't I come here earlier?''  It was beyond amazing with the outdoor setting with cats and dogs even cows and goats, fireplace and yummy food. 

Jan 24, 2014


Take a good look of this face, youngster, cause this is the face of a survivor--from 2 weeks of finals all day, everyday. I feel as I can rock the world now that winter semester has come to an end and I have vacaaay for a month! I might as well just go on and stare at a wall for an hour cause you know why? I got that time. I got them boom boom pow. It's spring weather here in İzmir and tomorrow, I'm going to an adventure to taste some snow in Ankara. It's been a while since I last tasted snow and no, I don't care how weird it soumds.
Yaaaay freedom!!
Oh- and yeah, I also love boy clothes :)

Jan 18, 2014


Dealing with finals week, putting energy to dress up for even put a smile on my face is- an actual challenge. That being said, yesterday was not one of those days. I woke up having this happy feelings about how it was freaking friday and although I will have the next week spend with more studying, semester break is just a week away. It is a tough week, but hey, it's 7 days! Then I will be going to visit my grandma and one of my best friends in Ankara whom I haven't seen in years. And to be honest, I did miss snow. So going into Ankara in this winter break for a week sounds like heaven to me. Though my understanding of heaven requires more tropical features, this vacation is exactly what I need.  
It also was a good day to make a suprise party for my bestfriend, Büke for her birthday,  a day earlier. I did invite her to my house to hang out because I was so overwhelmed about so many things these past few days, she didn't suspect of anything. Little of her knowledge, we were organized before in my house and when she rang the door bell, it was Supriiiiseeee.  I can swear I almost saw tears haha. And then ofcourse we did what we always do, as members of Style of the Ladies Dance Crew , we went out dancing. Like a lot. Like all night. 
Overall, I could say this friday and today of relaxation was perfect. By monday, I will be going to my mad-self, stressing about the finals but right now, I'm fine. (I am listening a Hamlet Lecture of 3 hours with my headphones on while I'm writing this blog post- but hey, perfect is overrated anyways.) 

Jan 15, 2014


So I modelled in this shoe fair again, recently and as you can imagine, I was a kid in a candyshop. Let me tell you something, standing up on those high heels for 8 hours for four days and changing shoes all day is not that easy. I think my feet are gonna stay away from those heels at least for a week. That being said, the finals week has just started so I've got to get my studying on anyways.
Sharing some photos of the fair with you. 
You rule xo

Jan 7, 2014


For someone who has a straight hair, I would kill to have curly days like this fine tuesday. I mean, I could try  to use the curly thingy all the time but I'm just not the type of girl to wake up extra early everday just to do hair. I am lazy. And I accepted that fact about myself. Seriously, though, girls who have curly hair, you guys are sooo lucky and I'm forever jealous of you :)

Düz saçı olan biri olarak, bu güzel salı günü gibi hergün dalgalı saçlara sahip olmak için adam öldürebilirim. Yani, evet deneyebilirim sürekli kıvırcık yapma zımbırtısını ama hergün ekstra erken kalkıp saç yapacak bir kız değilim. Tembelim ben. Ve kendimle ilgili bu gerçeği kabullendim.Cidden, ama, dalgalı saçlara sahip kızlar, siz çook şanslısınız bu yüzden sizi edebiyen kıskanıyor olacağım :)

Jan 3, 2014


Sooo ready for 2014. Although last year wasn't all that bad, I'm excited to see what the new year will bring. 
Last day of the year started as pretty normal actually, me not sleeping 'til the morning so I won't miss my classes by sleeping in. Ofcourse I was dying during school time cause I was sleepless and tired but as soon as I got to home, I threw myself into my bed. Aaaaand- that lasted about few hours until my mom come to my house and we waited for my friends then had dinner together. From there, it was about getting glammed up and partying in Alsancak. I love this place called Sherwood  here in Bornova. But I've never been in the Alsancak one until new years eve. Gotta tell you, Dj was freaking sick. He was awesome enough to play the whole Grease songs. I mean lets get real, I danced my butt off. So did my friends. Even mom :) 
Such a great night. The next day followed with mom taking us to Bostanlı and some shopping. I mean, if it isn't the best first day then I don't know what is. I think everyday should start with a bit of shopping haha.
Here are some photos of my new year eve fun with few of my besties and my beauty- mom and some other ones following the next day.
I hope you all have a great year. Let's make 2014 (excuse my language) our bitch!!!