May 13, 2014


As you know this sunday was mother's day and we thought what better way to spend it than having a little weekend getaway? So we booked it, a resort called AquaFantasy in Kuşadası. And may I add, it this one hella of resort.- in a good way! It was huge and I kept getting lost and couldn't find my room, got lost between pools and bars and all. Although the resort was lovely, there was one tiny problem- thinking back, I think it was a major problem- the weather. I mean it kept raining all day, our first day. That's Izmir, for you alright. Never knowing what the weather is going to turn out like. I mean, seriously, that whole week was soo hot that we couldn't breathe in classes and the week before, just 2 days of raining then boom! - it was summer again. Needless to say, we didn't get to do much of sun-tanning in our first day. Aquapark was relatively close but we did enjoy sauna and Turkish bath, hamam. Although once you get out of sauna, you do feel like everything else is like Siberia cold. However, we got to sneak few coctails on the beach during the day and got to do my ultime favorite thing- playing volleyball that is! But this beachvolley was unlike other games I've been involved in. You know, cause there's a net, it's summer and people wanna play volleyball casually and have a good time. Times to times there are agressive ambitious people who shouts at everyone to win. There are quite good players too, and some bad ones. It's just the unspoken fact of beach volley in casual basis. You win some, you lose some. But this game was nothing like it. Ok, I'm keeping it real. There was not even one person I would call as a ''bad player''. They were all pros! And- German! My idea of them being professional players were later on confırmed as it turns out few of them are actually former proffessional volleyball players in Germany. See how I used former? They weren't exactly so young. I mean, imagine your grandparents smacking one hell of a smack to the ground? I know! Being way out of practice, I did my best to follow up these guys. I must admit though, they were speaking German through the whole game so if they talked about me, in front of me, I would have no idea whatsoever. They were lovely people though. And our team won so we were each given medals from the entertainment team of the resort at the night event. I also got to do a belly-dancing on stage with a German woman, but don't ask :)
Made great friends, speacially on the entertainment team, they are pretty awesome. Found out that I'm sort of good at playing dart. (I don't know how that happened, I must be a natural haha) and also very terrible at table tennis. 
As the second day got better and sunnier, we went to this famous aquapark part of the resort and it was pretty good considering the on and off cloudy weather. I did left my phone behind, so I could't take much photos as I would like but I think I created a pretty visual idea of our weekend. Just like in volleyball games, we won some, we lost some :)
I like to think this family trip for mother's day was a good idea regardless the weather because isn't it all about bonding anyway? Mom looked happy and seem to like the gift I bought her, I'll give you a hint, it's got heels! :) 
The very same weekend I was off, my crew Style of the Ladies  performed in Economy University with Style of the Power- and then performed later at the after party and I would have been there, performing right along them if we didn't plan this mother's day plan way before. So I was little bummed about not being able to perform but there's always going to be another show :) - And I killed some dance moves on the disco of the resort anyway so got that out of my system. Seriously, I danced so hard that after a while, In skipped the whole ''yaay let's have a drink, a coctail'' part and went straight to downing water! My mom and brother was sleeping but I did made great friends out of the entertainment team so I didn't mind :)
So there you have it. I don't know who's got time to read all of these, but if you reach the end, congrats! You really just like to read just for fun, huh?

May 7, 2014


This year's Costume Institude Gala Benefit  held at the Metropalitan Museum of Art on monday and as previous years, the red carpet fashion has not disappointed.
When the word ''Ball'' comes into mind, it's all about that certain Cinderella moment that lights up the red carpet as we see ball gowns flowing with the wind oh-so-beautifully. 
This year, we've seen many nudes colors, metallics and even florals in red carpet. These are my favorite looks starting with Blake Lively in a gorgeous Gucci gown. Check out the rest of my favorites and let me know which looks you like the most xx

Blake Lively in Gucci

May 2, 2014


So recently we celebrated the international dance day and what other way to celebrate it but dancing, right?
As I'm in this crew called Style of the Ladies, we were part of a show that brought so many dance crews and types together to celebrate this speacial day in our dance school DanceFloor and the fact that it was our first show together this year with chancing members and being a new-formed crew, doubled the excitement! It was such a great night as there were amazing crews that performed and the latin dances, I must admit, was soo yummy. Although I only got to see them perform on last rehearsals because by the time those pairs&groups actually got to perform, we were at backstage, checking everything out with costumes,hair and make up and oh yeah, completely freaking out!!
The night got even better after that rush of adrenaline that came with the performance and when we were done, we celebrated with an after party which included not only one but two birthdays! 
I can't begin to tell you how it felt putting the first show out there, from now long, it's just a piece of cake ;)
Stay with dance xxx

Apr 29, 2014


It's fair to say it's been forever since I last posted here. For those who'd been following on regular basis, mostly my anons, I will make up for the lost time by sharing tons of photos.
A lot has happened during these past few weeks and I can't begin to tell you all about it at 2.37 am as I'm writing this post but I surely got some big excited news to share.
Recently my crew Style of the Ladies and our amazing choreographer Emre Turan performed our first show, so I can't wait to share the photos with you guys.
As for today, it was all about spring madness as I came home to Akarca with Mertcan who is my childhood friend and my all-time bestie and we and mom had a little walk on the beach. I must confess, having a home 5 minutes walking distanced to beach does come in handy at times like this. Because it's been raining these past few days, we had to let the sunlight go through our skins and souls today. It's been a lovely day, least to say and I'm sure these photos will tell you how :)

Feb 10, 2014


I know I haven't blogged in ages and meanwhile, I went to Ankara, came back and all that. I will come to Ankara post later on when I feel like typing (too honest? haha) 
So this post brings out  the history-loving self in me. I went to Ephesus and visited Virgin Mary's House in Selcuk few days ago, and it was such an amazing experience. 
Also the day before this amazing trip, mom took me and my brother out to this place for breakfast, which was apperantly our relatives- (my mood being--why didn't I come here earlier?''  It was beyond amazing with the outdoor setting with cats and dogs even cows and goats, fireplace and yummy food. 

Jan 24, 2014


Take a good look of this face, youngster, cause this is the face of a survivor--from 2 weeks of finals all day, everyday. I feel as I can rock the world now that winter semester has come to an end and I have vacaaay for a month! I might as well just go on and stare at a wall for an hour cause you know why? I got that time. I got them boom boom pow. It's spring weather here in İzmir and tomorrow, I'm going to an adventure to taste some snow in Ankara. It's been a while since I last tasted snow and no, I don't care how weird it soumds.
Yaaaay freedom!!
Oh- and yeah, I also love boy clothes :)